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Family Session: The Teano Family

So Jason & I  joined this really cool Muay Thai class – well now its mostly jason b/c I cant seem to find time right now to go but anyway… its an awesome 3 hour workout! So one of our coaches there is Nato (coolest name haha) & his wife Enita (my sparing partner) contacted me to do a family session. I was super excited b/c they’re the cutest couple. Enita told me they were going to all be in black attire… at first I thought huh oh i choose a park for their session, that might not work too well but i was wrong it turned out awesome!!! i love it. during the shoot i spotted a pretty cool area in the woods & wanted to set them up in there… well nato came up with the coolest idea of standing them all far apart like a vampire “twilight” inspired shot… see the images below, SOOOOOOOOO cool! haha and i love it, so then i decided to find a twilight “song” to go with their video! ps. if any of you are interested in a great great workout or mma/muay thai gear check out nato’s store: Stop One MMA

Music: “a thousand years” by christina perri

Nato’s “twilight/vampire” inspired idea…. so so so dark and i love it!




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