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Fun Carnival Family Session – Horowitz Family

I honestly have the most fun families to shoot with & I love them!!! joanna contacted me a while back for a session of her family… we went back and forth on ideas – where to shoot, when, what to wear ect… then the night before our session joanna saw a carnival by their house. Carnivals mean a lot to her husband Chad b/c he shares many fond memories of Carnivals with his dad… so we thought PERFECT!!! Capturing Jacks first time at the carnival with his mommie and daddy was sooooo much fun! There were a few rides and things that Jack didnt care for especially the FUN HOUSE… it was actually kinda scary for myself as well lol but he LOVED loved loved the slide, ball tossing games and the FOOD! joanna had warned me that Jack love food, and boy she wasnt kidding…. this kid was the happiest when we gave him cotton candy & funnel cake! It was a very fun day… thank you Horowitz Family for bringing me & my assistants along on your carnival day!

For Ipad and Iphone users please click here for the video!

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