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Tapestry House Wedding – Fort Collins, Colorado

May 19th, 2012 – Jenna & Kevin Moriarty

Well, I am not even sure where to begin writing this blog post. This blog post is so dear to my heart b/c it is my best friend Jenna’s wedding day! Jenna and I have known each other for 15 years! When I had decided to go to FSU my senior year of high school I was super excited but kinda sad at the same time b/c all my close girlfriends were going to be in Gainsville. I am pretty adventurous and up for anything so I decided to be roomed with a random person in my dorm. The girl I was paired up with was named Alison, we had talked on the phone a few times and she seemed nice. Well, to my surprise when I walked into my dorm room a girl named Jenna was there??? Huh this isn’t the girl that I had talked to? We started talking and kinda hit it off…. we decided to keep the new roommate situation the way it was and ditched the original pairing… and I’m sooooooooo happy we did! Jenna instantly became my bestest friend… we were unseperatable! We were two peas in a pod… and we’ve been like sisters ever since! I just have to explain to who ever is reading this… you know that best friend, that person that you can count on for anything and everything – well that’s jenna for me! We can go days, weeks, months without talking and as soon as we say hi on the phone – its like it was yesterday that we last talked… I love you with all my heart! SOOOOOO when she told me that her man kevin purposed I think the neighbors heard me screaming and prob thought I was getting engaged all over again! LOL I am so blessed to have you as a best friend and thank you so much for trusting me to capture one of the most important days of your life. Kevin you’re such a perfect match for her and I know that you will always be there for her and love her the way she should be loved!!!! You both have my blessing and I wish you many many years of happiness. Congratulations my love!

I hope these images represent your day and how amazing it was – I hope they help you remember the joy you felt and one day are used to show your grandchildren how amazing you both are.

Ceremony Venue & Reception Venue: Tapestry House – Fort Collins, Colorado

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Jenna Moriarty - Bianca – We LOVE you!

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