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Mayfair Hotel & Spa Wedding- Jen & Derrick Beveridge

So you know when you’re in High School and you “think” you know “everyone”!!!! Well to my disbelief there were more people that I went to high school with then the 10 people in my circle of friends, haha jk.:)No but seriously – Since I have started this company is amazing how many referrals I get from H.S. – which brings me to Jen! I didn’t graduate with Jen, lets just say she a bit younger then me but I did graduate with her brother:)Anyhow, Jen lives in NC and got referred to me by a mutual friend and I’m soooooo glad she did. She emailed me and without even ever talking or meeting eachother we hit it off and had so much in common – she also graduated from FSU woop woop go Noles! A month before the wedding she was down wrapping some things up for the wedding and we decided “hey might be a good idea to meet in person before the wedding day…haha” so Jen, Derrick and myself finally met! Let me tell you that the meeting that was suppose to be 15 mins ended up like 1.5 hrs haha we laughed and laughed it was so fun… I fell in love with the both of them! Oh oh oh not only did we already have so much in common but they were honeymooning in Italy – I just got back from there last nov. and i knew they’d LOVE IT!!!! Watching these two be so in love and cute really makes me so happy about what I do for a living… They exude love! Thank you for choosing me to capture your special day & Thank you to Martin & Tracey for 2nd shooting and assisting me you both ROCK!!! Love you all, Bianca

Very PROUD to show you this animated FIRST LOOK that I created!!!! hehe I love it and it makes me giggle!

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Jillian Tree - Beautifully captured Bianca! <3

Martin Pena - These came out absolutely fantastic. it was a very fun day and I’m glad I tagged along Bianca. As always you surpass all expectations!!!

Fun Carnival Family Session – Horowitz Family

I honestly have the most fun families to shoot with & I love them!!! joanna contacted me a while back for a session of her family… we went back and forth on ideas – where to shoot, when, what to wear ect… then the night before our session joanna saw a carnival by their house. Carnivals mean a lot to her husband Chad b/c he shares many fond memories of Carnivals with his dad… so we thought PERFECT!!! Capturing Jacks first time at the carnival with his mommie and daddy was sooooo much fun! There were a few rides and things that Jack didnt care for especially the FUN HOUSE… it was actually kinda scary for myself as well lol but he LOVED loved loved the slide, ball tossing games and the FOOD! joanna had warned me that Jack love food, and boy she wasnt kidding…. this kid was the happiest when we gave him cotton candy & funnel cake! It was a very fun day… thank you Horowitz Family for bringing me & my assistants along on your carnival day!

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Newborn Session: Bosse Family

One of my favorite families just added a NEW Addition!!!!:)Welcome Cameryn Jane Bosse to this beautiful world!!! Love Auntie BB xoxo

Susie Elmore - ISN’T SHE LOVELY! That is the sweetest! Jami, Bianca…….THESE ARE AMAZING!

Trisha Falzone - absolutely the most LOVELY!!

Blackshaw Photography: Villa Woodbine, Miami FL – Coconut Grove: Paton Wedding

Sneak Peak!!! Full Gallery Coming Soon!

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