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Wedding: Mr. & Mrs. Boyce ~ 11-5-11

November 5, 2011 was a gorgeous day to have a wedding… Erika & Joe Congratulations! Joe went to my high school but we weren’t close friends in highschool he was too cool for me haha:)so I didnt really know him or Erika too well when they contacted me to shoot their wedding. They had been referred to me by some mutual friends. Joe actually knew my fiance jason so we all decided to meet up for dinner & drinks and hit it off right away! I had a huuuuggeee margarita at dinner and they even got to see the little tipsy side of me LoL. we had met month/months before the wedding but i was prob. just as excited as them for the big day to come… they are such a great match! Also need to say super thank you thank you for my 2nd shooter Daniel Lateulade!!! you really did amazing.. TY!

today has been 1 month since they said yes so i thought it would be the right time to share their images…. Here is a sneak peak & video of their big day! Scroll down for video!


Norma Bawtinheimer - These are absolutely AMAZING! I can’t wait to see the rest!!

Erika & Joe Boyce - Love love love them :) You are amazing, thank you soooo much for your beautiful work!! :)

Family Session: The Teano Family

So Jason & I ¬†joined this really cool Muay Thai class – well now its mostly jason b/c I cant seem to find time right now to go but anyway… its an awesome 3 hour workout! So one of our coaches there is Nato (coolest name haha) & his wife Enita (my sparing partner) contacted me to do a family session. I was super excited b/c they’re the cutest couple. Enita told me they were going to all be in black attire… at first I thought huh oh i choose a park for their session, that might not work too well but i was wrong it turned out awesome!!! i love it. during the shoot i spotted a pretty cool area in the woods & wanted to set them up in there… well nato came up with the coolest idea of standing them all far apart like a vampire “twilight” inspired shot… see the images below, SOOOOOOOOO cool! haha and i love it, so then i decided to find a twilight “song” to go with their video! ps. if any of you are interested in a great great workout or mma/muay thai gear check out nato’s store: Stop One MMA

Music: “a thousand years” by christina perri

Nato’s “twilight/vampire” inspired idea…. so so so dark and i love it!




Family Session: The Wells & Their Twins!

I was referred to The wells about a year ago from a good friend of mine…they contacted me about doing a session for the girls 1st bday! I was so so so excited b/c they were my first set of twins!!!! their bday shoot was so much fun! Dena contacted me again to do another session this year and so so so happy she did! I think one of the greatest compliments a photographer can receive is to get referred to friends & family and to get rebooked by past clients!!!! In this case both happened and I’m so grateful & happy!:)I hope you all enjoy their day at the park!:)

Here’s a little video of their session… its super duper cute!!! I personally think these things are a bit cheesy sometimes but I LOVE this one!!! haha but I may be biased.


Marcella - I could never have believed the first year could be topped…..but I was wrong. The second year and these sweet and precious and real faces are captured spectatularly and honestly. Thank you for sharing these moments since I am one of their Grandmothers! Could I be any prouder!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yani - I am enjoying every post of your work!!! You were made for this!!! XOXO


admin - oh thanks girlie :) :) :) :)

Carolanne ~ - These photos of the precious twins make me smile and cry happy tears…..Beautiful photos of beautiful babies from two beautiful parents…..what a wonderful link to enjoy

Sweet Little Lily – 2 yr Session

Lily is her name and she’s just as pretty as a Lily! What a firecracker this 2 year old is… she had more energy then I knew what to do with:)hehe. Her Grandparents were amazing enough to drive 2 hours to meet me for a session… and it was well worth it! she’s a true doll. Thanks ashley & paul for choosing me to take pictures of her – love you both!

Here’s a fun little holiday video lily wants to share with you….:)


really??? i mean really??? even at 2 years old they already know the iphone!


So I learned that Lily is a little ocd!:)hehe she had to clean the bear and pick off all the lint… so cute! and then she stepped on it and carried it around!


Time for the bear to go Night Night!!!:)


Thank you so much auntie ashley for this amazing gift!!! I had so much fun and I’m so cute – love lily!!!!


Newborn & Family Sessions – The Gruebele’s

This is a Gorgeous family… Carrie & Scott now have 3… YES 3 little girls! Each of them with their own looks & personality! I am so excited to be this families “family photographer” I truly hope that I will be around to watch these girls grow up and capture so many memories for them! I shot them about 1 year ago and they even remember me and the types of shots we did… sam (the little blonde one) was like can we do that walking pose again haha so freaking cute! I love them! I also have to say that Chunky Charlie was prob. one of my best sleepers… she was out the whole shoot! I hope you all enjoy these as much as I enjoyed shooting them.

To watch the video just press the play button on the image… if you’re on an Ipad or Iphone CLICK HERE!