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Newborn Session – Little Aubrey

Can you get any cuter then a little wittle chubby baby! I dont think so haha:)Welcome Aubrey to this new and exciting world! You are so blessed with two amazing parents and they are both so in love with you… I wish you tons of happiness and loads of milk to grow strong & healthy! hehe:)muah!!!!

Here’s a link to view Aubrey when she was still in Momma’s Belly!!!!:)


momma & daddy love the dolphins!!! GOOOOOOOOO Miami Dolphins!:)hehe (I think she’s dreaming about being a dolphin cheerleader in the right image)


Family Session: Ethan Turns 1!!!

So I was so blessed the day that Stacey Schwartz emailed me for the first time about a year ago… ever since the beginning we’ve just hit it off!!! She had just had her first baby boy and was looking for a photographer that could become their family photographer, someone that could be there for all the monumental occasions that would be ahead! I am so so so happy she chose me!:)not only did I gain another amazing client but a life long friend! I have been able to watch, be part of, and capture Baby Ethan’s First Year & I hope I will be part of many more years to come… Here’s a link to ethan’s 6 month shoot and some of his 1 month shoot!!!!

Thank you Schwartz Family for this past year.. I have loved every second!!!

Happy Birthday my sweet sweet Ethan – Auntie BB loves you!:)

Slideshow is at the bottom – Press Play to view – sorry does not play on iphone or ipad:(


Press Play to view Slideshow!!!! Enjoy!:)

barbara - OMG BB-what a super duper little Q-T Pie!!!! AWESOME pictures as usual!!!!! Very sweet family shoot!!! love love <3

Family Session: Gruebele’s

This Family is Gorgeous~!!!!!! I fell in love with these two sisters… one of them was little sick during the shoot, and I felt horrible but she did amazing! I cant wait to do this families next session… there’s another little surprise on the way….:)This post is little late b/c we shot awhile back but here it is:)xoxo

Slideshow Video at the end of the Blog…. check it out!!!!:):):)




This is the Christmas Card I designed for them last year:):):)


Here’s the DVD cover that they got with their session:)


Press PLAY to watch their slideshow!!! Enjoy!:)


Family Session: Sedawie’s

These are the Sedawie’s!!!!! Barbara is one of my very best friends and I am so blessed to be part of this families life! I’ve known paul jr since he was little little and I’ve known lexi since she was in mommas belly! They are a huge part of my life…Even though its 100 plus degrees out…we decided to go have some fun, play in the park, grub on some scooby snacks & take some family pics. There were so many fun, cute, and great images but here are a few of my favorites.

My “B”, Paul, Jr, & Lexi I love you all!!!! Slideshow is at the end of the blog… press play!!!!:)


Paul… how old are you???:):):)hehe


shy shy shy lexie…undefined

warming up little by little


getting warmer….

fully HOT HOT HOT  :):):)there’s my fun smiley happy silly little girl! hehe

jr. is such a flirt… wow!

lexi well hello cutie patutie – pick-a-boo!


up up up and away…. (watching a kite flying around)


can it get any cuter and sweeter then this…. i mean really???? such love between these two!


uh o! its nap time… hahaundefined

barbara - the only thing I have to say to you Biance (my BB) is O….M….G…. You are amazing!!!!! These pictures are magnificent!!! that’s it, there’s no other words for what you capture (using an old fashioned term here) on film! I love you so much! Thank you for blessing our family by being a part of it! Love you forever B-Onka!!!! Paul Jr, Lexi, B and Paul Sr.

Maternity Session – Natalie & Oscar Marrero

One of theeeeee cutest couples! Natalie & Oscar are so sweet, fun, friendly, and CUTE!!!!! I had never met them before we arrived at the shoot but I felt an instant connection with them and we had so much fun together….Their Beautiful daughter Aubrey Marrero was born July 6, 2011 – 7lbs 10oz, 19 inches… I hope to meet Aubrey soon and take some newborn shots!!!! Kisses xoxoxoxo

Scroll Down to view video!!!! Video not available on Ipad or phones ;( sorry…




Press Play to watch Flash Video!:) Enjoy!


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