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Tampa Wedding: Mr & Mrs Ruberto

I am truly blessed to have such an amazing group of friends & family… I’m always adding new people to my circle but jake is a lucky one that has been in the circle for a while now :)lets just say he was a college buddy who nick named me BIA BIA and made so many of my college memories great ones. I hadnt seen jake in a few years after we left fsu but we reconnected at a very close friends wedding in vegas and this is when i met mel!!!!  these two are prob. one of my most out going and friendly couples! jake contacted me  a few months after that wedding that he was coming in town and wanted to do an enagement session b/c they had gotten engaged..(which was a given b/c as soon as i saw them together i knew that they were meant for eachother… you know when two people just compliment eachother perfectly! :)hehe), i was like heck yea this adventure is going to be a great one…. engagement session was amazing (will post a blog soon) and the wedding was perfect…..I think the images will speak for themselves! Jake & mel thank you for trusting me with one of the most important days of your lives…. i thank you for making me a part of your lives… i love you both!

video is at the end of the blog… scroll down!!!:)




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Here are some images from the getting ready…. they are all characters i tell ya. i had so much fun with everyone,

it didnt even feel like i was working, i felt like it was us all hanging out like old times…. goooo NOLES!!!!


Thank you to:

Grand Hyatt Tampa Bay, FL

Ceremony Location: Oystercatchers

Reception Location: Top Floor of Grand Hyatt – Armani’s

The Amazing DjFelix!!!! You def. rocked this wedding…

the music, lighting, & crowd made this one of theeee most fun weddings. thx!

And SPECIAL Thank you to:

Melissa Korta my 2nd shooter/assistant!!! TY for really being there for me and being my right hand!



Deborah Lykens (Packard) - hi sorry we couldn’tmake it but you and jake did wounderful you looked so happy your the best niece anyone could ask for you were beauitful and jake was great dancing,hes a hottie and i’m happy for you both. i’ll be sending you a little something luv ya AuntDeb and Uncle Vic takecare of each other always hope to meet jake sometime. i bet hes a trip! <3<3<3 always xoxoxoxoxox

Truly Romantic Wedding: Dr. & Dr. Bolton

This is a wedding that I shot in Gainsville Florida over a year ago, I didnt have a blog then but I found it while looking through some files and I had to share it… Dr. Ami & Dr. Jeremy are two of the smartest and cutest couples I know. They both graduated from UF with Doctorates. They met at a friends party, decided to go for a walk, ended up on the steps of Hippodrome Theater (as seen below) and chatted all night til the sun came up… you can only imagine the instant connection they felt for eachother… only a couple of months later did Dr. Jeremy take Dr. Ami back to the steps to propose to her. So it was obvious that we had to do their first look there and rein-act that moment!!!! The whole day was perfect… the wedding took place at this quite Bed & Breakfast, where everyone who was from out of town stayed. The love and raw emotion these two shared with friends and family was unforgettable. I hope you enjoy these images, as much as I enjoyed shooting them. Congrats once again to you both Dr. & Dr. Bolton!


Trash the Dress: Greenlee’s

this session was so so so so much fun! the dayafter chris & ryan got married in mexico the three of us went off driving around to do a trash the dress session…

not only are these two so in love but they are super duper fun! Check these out….





the next image on the right is an image i saw Kristen Weaver do for another fellow photographers wedding and i loved it so much i had to try it~!!!! <3




Video below is Not available on Ipad or phones ;( sorry…

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Melissa Korta - Beautiful Bianca!! Love that you had such an adventurous couple and you couldn’t ask for more beautiful scenery!

jessica - awesome! You are a lucky lady to have gotten to go shoot in this beautiful location! i especially love the “through the trees” and reflections shots, and the ones of the dock at the end. great work!

admin - oh thx girl :) it was very fun and yes i’m truly lucky… its great when friends have destination weddings and even better when they ask you to shoot them… hope all is well xoxo

True Love: Greenlee Wedding

well i’m not exactly sure what to say about the greenlee wedding except i am so thankful that i could be part of their special day!!! lets just say i’ve known christine since middle school… and when she asked me to shoot her wedding well, words cant describe how excited i was… first of all it was a wedding for two amazing friends… secondly it was going to be in mexico!!!!!!! We stayed at Azul Sensatori a beautiful all-inclusive resort 10 mins from Playa Del Carmen… The weekend was full of festivities, friends, famiy, & laughter….:)Well, i’m not much of a talker or writer so i’ll just let the images speak for themselves! I love you both very much and i hope you enjoy these images as much as i enjoyed shooting them…chris & ry thank you so much for giving me the honor of capturing your special day for you!






Video below is Not available on Ipad or phones ;( sorry…

Press Play to watch Flash Video!:) Enjoy!

Here’s a video of images from the Night Before: Rehearsal & Cocktails!!!


Sisterly Love: Xavier Girls!

couple of months ago my mom told me that my aunt, uncle, & 2 cousins were going to come visit…:)i was so excited b/c i havent seen them in about 5 years! my aunt and uncle only stayed for a few days but the girls stayed longer so we could go to the taylor swift concert (which will be a whole other blog post later on…) after my aunt & uncle left I decided i wanted to do a little photoshoot of the girls to surprise them.:)we went out to my backyard which is a golf course and just had a blast!!!! I will miss you two so so so much, thank you for filling my house with so many laughs these past few days…. I love you!


This is my dog juno and the girls… he loved loved loved them!!!!

Alessandra Xavier - Bibizinha, eu AMEI todos nossos dias. Foram MUITO divertidos!! Obrigada por tudo o que você fez pela gente! As fotos estão maravilhosas, você como sempre arrazou!!! Muito obrigada por esse presente, que não foi só dos meus pais mas como nossos também!! Obrigada prima, já sinto saudades.. Um beijo enorme, TE AMO!

Beatriz Xavier - Olá Bianca
Parabéns, as fotos ficaram muito bacanas, adoramos
Bia, Luiz Fernando e Luiz Henrique Xavier

marcelo - Bi,
se não me falha a memoria foram os 5:18 minutos mais bonitos que já ganhei.
Essas imagens ficarão p/ sempre.
Valeu, afilhada, por tudo,