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Newborn Session: Dominic Richard 5 Days New!

Welcome Dominic to this amazing world… i was so lucky to have the honor of meeting & shooting this little tiny handsome man when he was only 5 days new. when i found out that his momma michelle was pregnant i was jumping for joy bc she is one of those women that you just want to have like 10 babies!!!:)her and her husband are amazing and so his dominic. He came over to my studio and i thought yippie 5 days old he should sleep the whole time… oh boy was i wrong… this little fellow was wide awake and moving like he was part of the steelers football team. i’ve never seen such an athletic strong and alert little baby! He’s gonna be a future athlete before we know it. with patience and some skills we got about 15 mins of sleep during a 3 hour session and it was so worth it. i cant wait to hold him again and see how much he grows… i hope you enjoy these images as much as i enjoyed shooting them. xoxo





Colleen Perrone - What a beautiful new addition to a beautiful family!!!!

Patti Jo - What a beautiful family!

Susan Cook - Dominic is a beautiful baby! I love the pictures of him and of his proud parents!

Blackshaw Sweets – Lolly’s BabyCakes!

I obviously LOVE photography, designing, & anything creative so when I saw these creative & delicious mouthwatering babycakes i knew i had to shoot them, design some promo pieces and help promote Lolly’s Babycakes!!!

are you ready to melt into heaven??? Lolly’s Babycakes is one of my favorite place to order goodies from… with flavors like: salty caramal, strawberry lemonade, mini french toast, sweet heart velvet, and so many more… you can not go wrong with any of them. whether you have a bday, anniversary, event, wedding, or just to treat yourself – Lolly’s Babycakes will take amazing care of you! contact them & tell them Bianca sent you:):):)yummmmmmmyyyyy!





Lee Black - Hi Bianca.

These photos are lovely and really show off Lisa’s cupcakes. She was thrilled that you took this fantastic pictures. Sorry you weren’t able to come to the birthday party … Dave and I always like seeing you.


admin - Thank you so much Lee!!! :) I wish I could have made it to the party as well…. I love your whole family, maybe we’ll get together soon! Lisa is a sweet heart and she blew me away with her cupcakes :)

Family Session – Cousin Love

its amazing how lucky i am to have so many high school friends reach out to me…:)facebook is honestly an amazing tool! Since its rare that they all get together Jen messaged me to do a session while her sister was in town with her nephew. We thought about going to a park but as soon as I arrived at her “amazing” house we decided that we could just shoot in the backyard… the kids were so excited and super cute…. hope you enjoy!

“Love” Session: Tracey & Martin – A Day at The Park!

“A Day at the park” was so much fun!!! Tracey & martin are fellow photogs that i work very closely with… lets just say they are like my silent partners at times hehe and i love them! i was honored when they asked me to shoot them…i was so excited b/c they wanted to do a themed shoot. we met at the park and set up a picnic scene and it was so much fun! Heres a little quick teaser video… more images on the blog coming soon!

My Loves! – “Kelly Moore Bag”!

First, I love purses in general so when I found a Camera Bag that was also a gorgeous purse.. I was hooked & fell in LOVE with Kelly Moore Bags… Here’s a link to her site:

I can’t wait to save up some money and purchase this bag (see below)… although I love all the bags… the B Hobo is exactly what I’m looking for! Thanks Kelly for creating the perfect BAG!