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Family: Bosse Family

What can I say about the Bosse Family. well for one they have one of theeeee cutest babies in the world & i’m not just saying that… he really is! Noah is always always smiling, he’s like the sweetest pack of jolly ranchers, hehe. I have had the priviliage of knowing the bosse’s for a pretty long time, lets just say since high school… and I am so happy that i get to be a part of their lives and capture these precious memories for them!

Here’s a sneak peak of their session, 2010 Christmas Card I designed for them, and little collage of Noah’s First Session:)!!! Enjoy… xoxo

Bosse 2010 Christmas Card Designed By Blackshaw Photography:)

Family Session: Schwartz Family – Ethan 6 Months

So, I have to say that this is one of my favorite families!!! Stacey & I instantly connected with each other after she told me she was a NOLE & she didn’t want Sears Portraits… I knew she was my kind of girl!:)I am so happy that she chose me to capture their families monumental moments… this is ethan’s 2nd session with me. The first was when he was a little little baby, I will be posting those too. This session was for his 1/2 year mark!!! He has grown so much but is still one of my happiest little clients! Stacey & aaron have not only become amazing clients to work with but they have become very good friend, I mean how can I not LOVE this girl… she even watches the same cheesy tv shows & reality shows I do!!! I am so happy that she found me online & chose Blackshaw Photography as her photographer! please leave a comment wishing baby ethan a happy 1/2 years!:)& I hope you Enjoy this gorgeous Family…

Here’s a slideshow – press play bottom left hand side!!!

I mean seriously??? is he not the cutest little teddy EVER!!!

look at this little man… Jeans??? i mean he is styling, another one of my fav. things about this family!!! super duper stylish!

Here are some pics from his first session!!!! ENJOY

Stacey - Absolutely speechless…thank you so much for doing such an amazing job, as always. You’re the BEST! Love ya!

Jenny Palumbo - LOVE LOVE LOVE! You always capture such amazing moments!! XO

Family Session: Ethan Turns 1!!! » Blackshaw Photography Blog - […] So I was so blessed the day that Stacey Schwartz emailed me for the first time about a year ago… ever since the beginning we’ve just hit it off!!! She had just had her first baby boy and was looking for a photographer that could become their family photographer, someone that could be there for all the monumental occasions that would be ahead! I am so so so happy she chose me!not only did I gain another amazing client but a life long friend! I have been able to watch, be part of, and capture Baby Ethan’s First Year & I hope I will be part of many more years to come… Here’s a link to ethan’s 6 month shoot and some of his 1 month shoot!!!! […]

Testimonials: CLIENT LOVE

I am so blessed with the most amazing friends, family, & CLIENTS!!!!!!!! Thank you all for the love, it means the world to me….Here are a few of many testimonials that have touched my heart!

“Bianca is AMAZING.  She is caring, professional, warm and genius.  She has shot pictures of my kids from being hours old at the hospital, to first birthdays, to just hanging out and playing in the yard or even the pumpkin patch.  She also has shot pictures of me in a boudoir session.  With regard to the boudoir, let me tell you, if you ever had any reservations about doing it or felt clumsy, self conscious or uncomfortable… Bianca will get the BEST out of you!!!!  With whatever the situation she brings out all thetrue beauty in people whether she’s pressing the shutter button or not.  She has an amazing eye for the beauty in people and the artisitic hand to enhance every shot so that it is always amazing.  After seeing what Bianca can do/has done, I can never go back to the plain vanilla photographers.  If I can compare Bianca she’s the triple chocolate overload with peanut brittle, coconut and caramel sauce topped with whip cream, sprinkles and cherries!!!!!


Bianca’s professionalism and expertise in the field of photography yields nothing but the best of pictures. Our son’s 8 week pictures (despite lack of sleep, a new chaotic life schedule, and one sleepy baby) she made us feel like such a beautiful family and exceptionally proud to show him off in photos to everyone. We knew we wanted a certain style of photography and not only does Bianca fit that mold, but she listened and gave us exactly what we wanted & needed. She’s someone we are proud to not only call our “Family photographer” but also a friend. It takes a true artist to take a special picture, but it takes a kind soul to edit them with love and a keen eye, and Bianca has all of the above! Anyone can capture a baby smiling in a picture, but only a special photographer can exude the family love through the lense! Despite her many clients, she makes you feel like you are her one and only client- and I’m so pleased to have her capture all of my son’s special landmarks and events to come!”


” bianca is a doll! she did my family’s portraits, and we absolutely love them! not only is she a true professional, she is really in tune with what shots/poses we were comfortable with as a family. she was fun and silly, and really had the kids laughing…her portfolio speaks for itself! you will be thrilled after your photo shoot with bianca. i will definitley use her again and again! great job!”


“there is no comparison to Bianca. She came highly recommended to us by close friends of ours and we had her do our engagement pictures- one of the most special and important shoots ( besides our wedding portraits) of this stage in our lives. Bianca blew us and both of our families out of the WATER! Not only did she come up with the great idea to do a fun and unique shoot at a carnival, but she also LISTENED!! One of the most important qualities any person would want in a photographer. She listened to what we wanted to do and with her little pieces of advice, she gave to us one of the most cherished and lasting memories we will have for the rest of our lives. she captured  in a picture the reason Jon and I are getting married. You literally see the love we have for each other in each and every photograph and that is pure talent. Anyone can take a picture, but Bianca has the ability to shoot a moment through a lens and turn a picture into a portrait of whatever she is capturing for her clients- love, family, beauty. She’s professional, she’s innovative, she’s creative, she’s talented, she knows her stuff and she’s a FRIEND!! Simply put, BIANCA IS THE BEST! Just look at her work, it speaks for itself.”

Heather Acunto & Jon Aughey

Jennifer Brittingham - Bianca is a doll! She did my family’s portraits, and we absolutely LOVE them! Not only is she a true professional, she is really in tune with what shots/poses we were comfortable with as a family. She was fun and silly, and really had the kids laughing…Her portfolio speaks for itself! You will be thrilled after your photo shoot with Bianca. I will definitley use her again and again! Great job!

Lolly - Bianca is as sweet and talented as they come! Out of the goodness of her heart (and the rumbling in her tummy), she helped Lolly’s Babycakes get beautiful pictures of their tempting treats. The pictures are lovely .. and so is Bianca … not to mention hard-working, honest and talented. I would recommend her to anyone in a heartbeat!

Susie - Bianca has been documenting my family for years! Thanks to her, I have a huge collection of my beautiful family. She is so easy and flexible to work with and the ideas that she comes up with just blow my mind. She makes taking pictures very easy. I would never go to anyone else! Her stuff is just beautiful!